Certifications 1


safety first

BSA Offshore is a young dynamic company that is committed to building on an already established record for delivering quality client service. We believe that safety is an integral part of quality.

BSA Offshore has an Achilles certificate.

BSA Offshore is committed to developing a company safety culture. Read our CEO safety statement:

“The Board of Directors of BSA Offshore, and myself as the CEO, look for, and demand, the very highest of safety standards in all our operations, both offshore and onshore. We must never hurt or injure anybody, and nothing is ever so urgent or important that it cannot be done safely. Safety truly is our number one priority in all our activities, every day, everywhere and for everybody. This must be demonstrated by not only what we say, but most importantly by what we do and how we do it. As CEO I want to assure all of you that safety will always be our top priority, and I permanently need and seek your support in making BSA Offshore a safe place to work.”

Jan Richard Finne, CEO